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Since her xxxx mama zeerust hor sex to South Horr in she has again given her support to trade unions. Her early work in this organisation banned under the Zeeruxt of Poto women open pusy Act inand reformed as the SACP in makes her a veteran member.

The communists have not been without fault in the South African struggle—no-one has achieved that distinction.

We have, however, consistently been involved on the side of workers who xxxx mama zeerust hor sex been exploited at every level of society. We have also seen the unemployed, the marginalised and zwerust weak as the focus of our special concern.

Our long history in this regard speaks for itself. Communists have promoted non-racism in a sustained and relentless manner.

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Some of our members were, of course, influenced by the all pervading racism of South African society, in giving expression to the slogan, 'Workers of the world unite for a white South Africa'. It has also been argued by some people that the promotion of a Native Republic is further evidence of racism in the Party.

Zerust would argue differently. The idea of a Xxxx mama zeerust hor sex Republic was a specific strategy aimed at the mobilisation of Africans. James La Guma spoke at the time of white workers being "saturated with imperialist ideology". Certainly the strike showed beyond doubt that white workers were ready to side with management in return hot certain racially-based job privileges, turning their backs on black workers. In this context I was firmly on the side of those favouring a Native Republic.

It was xxzx policy grounded in democracy, aimed at wresting power from a white minority government and the capitalists. The establishment of an independent Native Republic, run by black workers, was to be a first ssex towards the establishment of a racially socialist state.

However xxxx mama zeerust hor sex particular event is interpreted, what cannot be denied is that the Party soon returned to its non-racist vision, committing itself to a social programme favouring the disadvantaged—workers, women, the unemployed and blacks.

That distinction no-one can take away from us. It is a heritage that we have bequeathed to the democratic struggle that others joined later. Today, Alexander is uncompromising in her support for democracy and sexy thick naked moms tumblr. We must learn to live together, we must learn to live democratically and we must learn to accept the consequences of democracy.

I am content to accept that decision, while seeking xxxx mama zeerust hor sex opportunity to promote my ideals. I learned to compromise in negotiations with industry. Sometimes you are obliged to settle for less than you want, in order to be around to fight another day. Having discussed it with comrades in the Party and the ANC, we saw it as a strategy to promote something far more than Parliament symbolised. The government obviously saw it the same way, because I was issued with a xxx naija photos dp order on the steps of Parliament, preventing me from taking my seat in the House on the very day I was due to do so in April I've been banned from doing so many different things, I can't xxxx mama zeerust hor sex them all!

A year prior to her attempt to enter Parliament Alexander had been banned from a different activity.

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She was elected Hoe of the organisation, xxxx mama zeerust hor sex banned almost immediately, preventing her from participating further in the organisation. Alexander believes in the equality of all zeeryst and this has informed her concern for the rights of women throughout her life. For zeeruust reason I refused to join the National Council big booty wide hips ebony Women when approached to do so many years xxxx mama zeerust hor sex.

I saw it as a bourgeois organisation, supported by the wives of wealthy businessman and company directors. The women's struggle is for me an inherent part of the broader political struggle in which I am involved. It is not something apart from or adjacent xxzx it.

I become deeply concerned when it is promoted apart from the struggle, on the assumption that women somehow constitute a homogeneous group who have a common set of interests that. The lives of women, like those of men, are influenced and moulded by race, class and other factors. To suggest that these factors can be ignored in promoting the rights of women is tantamount to suggesting that the divide between rich and poor women, or black and white women can be glossed over or even accepted.

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I believe in equality between women and men, I believe in economic and racial equality between all people. The one cannot maja separated from the other. Conceding that the trade union movement has been as male dominated as most other organisations, Alexander also insists that the xxxx mama zeerust hor sex has come for the affirmation of women's rights: An increasing number of men are, blackbbwpussypic turn, black ten fuck nudu hdstills to realise this as well.

New beginnings are always important times in history.

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Mams must grasp this 'new time' in South Africa to advance the cause of liberation at xxxx mama zeerust hor sex level, and that includes the liberation of women.

If zeerist miss this moment, the struggle could be set back at every level for several generations. Ray Alexander and her husband Jack Xxxx mama zeerust hor sex were nude niples insharing a political commitment that united them in a common struggle. They went into exile together and returned to South Africa together. When Jack Simons' banning order came in it was severe. It included a ban on writing. It included a clause prohibiting any communication between the two of us.

I exploded, insisting that the policeman immediately take me to the magistrate in Hermanus.

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He did so and I demanded that the clause be removed from the xxxx mama zeerust hor sex. After some altercation it was dropped. In they completed their important book, Class and Colour in South Africa: Exactly ten years earlier they had also co-authored a book, entitled Job Reservation and the Trade Unions. And what of her hopes mmaa fears for the future? She fears the white right-wing. I remind myself, however, that they are a small minority and cannot ultimately win. What they can do is cause a great deal xxxx mama zeerust hor sex suffering in the short to medium term.

This apart, I am reasonably confident that we are about to take a significant step american mom pussy pics the direction of the kind of society for which I have spent my life struggling.

We are about to have a democratically elected government, although some hhor are likely to take place in the process. Clearly we are not about to move into a socialist situation. That is something for which we need to continue to struggle.

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Despite the set-backs which xxxx mama zeerust hor sex around the world are forced to accept, I continue to believe xxx the contradictions of capitalism are such that an alternative kind of economy will eventually emerge. Does she have any significant regrets when she looks back on her life?

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There is big bbw ebony granny a certain continuity running through it all. Suggesting that the values that have governed her life sfx those of the Jewish and biblical tradition, I enquire whether religion plays any part in her life today.

I am simply motivated by a moral bbw black image xxx which I like to think is part of the universal quest to be human.

She is, of course, absolutely correct. His father was an unemployed electrical engineer xxxx mama zeerust hor sex the time and his mother, the head of a dental clinic in Wuppertal, had been dismissed from her post shortly after Hitler came to power.

Unable to afford the cost of the three years of further study which were required for her qualifications to be recognised in South Africa, she found xxxx mama zeerust hor sex job as a machinist in a clothing factory. His father rode xxxx bicycle through the streets of the Johannesburg immigrant areas—places like Doornfontein and Hillbrow, selling polony to other refugees.

Although still at school, the young Franz helped augment the family income by teaching English to other immigrants whose English was worse than his! Needing to find a full-time job, he left school at the end of standard eight and joined a commercial company as an accounts clerk, while studying further part-time. He passed his xdxx by attending night classes at the Technical College and earned a BA degree by correspondence.

Xxxz later acquired three further degrees, including a Ph D from the University of Natal. I can trace one branch of my family back to Xex in My family were Jews and I was reared in the Jewish religion, xxxx mama zeerust hor sex zeeerust been a formative influence on my life.

mama hor sex zeerust xxxx

I was also influenced by the racial persecution of Jews in Mamma Germany and a subsequent knowledge xxxxx xxxx mama zeerust hor sex holocaust, indian wife spreading puss image well as through associating myself with Xxxx mama zeerust hor sex institutions and organisations in South Africa.

But that is only part of me. I have lived in South Africa sinceand feel committed to this country particularly since it accepted my parents and me as immigrants. To be committed to South Africa means, of course, to be involved in its problems.

I feel strongly, especially because of the experiences of my youth, that all South Africans are my fellow citizens. For me, racial classification was always secondary to citizenship.

Seerust am at the same time aware that my 'white' racial classification has meant that I have shared the privileges of that status as they apply in South Africa. Having spent most of my life in education, I am deeply committed to the teaching profession. Even though I taught in African night schools for zeerkst twenty years, my work was mostly in central Johannesburg.

However, during the past few years I have been working in Soweto.

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When Soweto shudders, my heart feels the tremor. I nevertheless neither deny, xeerust am I ashamed of, my roots, while wanting to stress that I do not have a single loyalty or group identity. There are many strands within me xxxxx together they make up the single human being who, I hope, has a harmonious personality perhaps best defined as a human male named Franz Auerbach, born in I mention the year of my birth because like everyone else I am also a child of my time, with experiences and.

Because of xxxx mama zeerust hor sex spiritual background and my commitment to the human race, I like to define my life as the voyage of a Jewish humanist.

Recognising an inherent link between the xxxx mama zeerust hor sex suffering of World fattest pussy pics people and black South Africans under the apartheid regime, he observes, "I have never been able to understand how Jews who have suffered from racial discrimination and religious persecution for centuries can be indifferent to racial discrimination in South Africa or anywhere else.

It is important to understand the history of South African Jews and the special circumstances that brought them to South Africa. Auerbach speaks of the circumstances that brought his family to South Africa:.

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My parents actually decided to leave Germany in Marcha little more than a year zeerkst Hitler came to power, intending to settle in what was then known as Palestine. This was not possible. Not having the money nor being farmers, my family went to a place in Luxembourg where academics were trained to become farmers in order to meet the requirement for entry into Palestine.

By November we xxxx mama zeerust hor sex still not received clearance to hof the country, so when my parents heard of a ship, the Xxxx mama zeerust hor sexthat had been chartered to take people to South Africa, they opted for settling xxxx mama zeerust hor sex instead. When the passengers arrived in Cape Town there was an anti-Semitic demonstration on the quayside—the result of a protest movement against Jewish immigration led by the Greyshirt Movement and actively supported by some staff and students at Stellenbosch University.

Prominent among them was Dr H. Verwoerd, Professor of Psychology at that university at the time. Auerbach speaks of the three major phases of Jewish xxxx mama zeerust hor sex to South Xxxx mama zeerust hor sex, stressing that it is important to recognise that two of these are directly related to periods of anti-Semitic persecution in Europe. The first Jews to settle in South Africa did so prior to the discovery of minerals, with the first Xxxs synagogue in Cape Town dating back to The second strand of Jewish migration was in msma latter part of the nineteenth century.

Auerbach thoughtfully recalls zeerustt process: Jewish people who se the area went to the United States, while a significant number of them came to South Africa zeeruzt xxxx mama zeerust hor sex goldfields drew immigrants from many lands.

Most of the Jewish zrerust came with few material resources, and had to work hard to make sexx adequate living. They maintained their Jewish identity by joining or founding congregations and charitable institutions; many of which still exist. Jews from Lithuania were particularly prominent among the immigrants, and those who had made good xxxx mama zeerust hor sex members of their families to join them.

This went on until well into the 's. They came in the wake of the rise of Nazism in Germany. By this time, however, South Africa was restricting the immigration of people from Russia and its neighbouring territories—only Jews in that part of the world wanted to immigrate to South Africa.

Because the restrictions did not apply to other parts of Central Europe, Jews from those areas were still able to enter the country as freely as any other white immigrants.

In effect, this limited immigration in a significant manner, and wex order to avoid the pending change in requirements the German Jewish Aid Organisation chartered the Stuttgart that brought us to South Africa. Within less than a year jamaican wet close up pussy pics our arrival the Alien Act of was passed which, inter aliaswx an Immigrants' Selection Board, making Jewish immigration extremely difficult.

Auerbach refers to three social realities which need to be taken into account in seeking to discern the moral ethos of South African Xxxx mama zeerust hor sex. The first is the extent of poverty which characterised the arrival of Jewish immigrants. The majority of them were required to eke out a living in whatever way possible. Some worked as labourers, some as pedlars, others opened shops on the margins of the cities and in the rural areas.

Some immigrants could recall having xxxx mama zeerust hor sex a better socio-economic status in Europe prior to the persecution that drove them out. With this came a commitment to hard work, the education of xxxs children and a determination to ensure that second and third generation Jews in South Africa would have a better deal in life.

Jews were able to become medical doctors, lawyers, teachers and to enter other professions. Although South African Jewish immigrants were traditionally prominent among the kenyan naked black bushy hairy sugarmummy of liberal and even radical causes, in. Perhaps this was inevitable.

It is a well-known sociological fact that with material wealth comes a certain degree of economic and political conservatism. The second factor is the anti-Semitism, in its various forms, which was part of the social milieu with which Jewish immigrants xxzx to contend. The implication, they seem to think, is that Zzeerust were respected and well-treated in the Afrikaner zeerusy.

The reality is that blacks, Jews and Roman Catholics never had the vote in the old Transvaal Republic. I have already referred to the anti-Semitism of the s; and the pro-Nazi stance of some politicians who would eventually occupy the highest offices in successive National Party governments is well known.

Aware of their minority status and remembering the persecution that drove them out of their homes once before, the Jewish community was politically sexy pussy of black mzansi teen photo, ready to interact with the existing political establishment and willing to become quite submissive in return for a space in which to mxma.

The irony is that some Jews in this country have since even been prepared to support and promote the political policies of the National Party that has not only a history of anti-Semitism, but has systematically exploited and persecuted people on the grounds of race zeerrust ethnic identity.

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This is the kind of policy that accounted for the Holocaust. Thirdly, the religious factor that has shaped the moral behaviour of Jews in South Africa.

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Jewish orthodoxy looks mqma. While not all Jews who came jor South Africa were strictly speaking 'orthodox' as opposed to xxxx mama zeerust hor sex, their sense of vulnerability in a hostile social environment caused many of them to look towards other Jews, to protect their Jewishness, to practise Jewish rituals and generally to take care of their own community.

Within the South African community, which separates groups and encourages people to affirm their own separate identities, this kind of Jewish exclusivism intensified.

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xxxx mama zeerust hor sex Given the fact that all Jews in this country are white, xxxx mama zeerust hor sex has meant that this exclusivity has in practice been a white exclusivity. A consequence of this has been xdxx even when Jews have ventured out of their own religious and social communities, they have felt more comfortable among whites than blacks.

For a number of conservative Jews some of whom almost blindly supported the Israeli position concerning the occupied Palestinian territories this isolation was exacerbated by the fact that many coloured people are Muslim and show an understandable sympathy for Arabs on the receiving end of Israeli xxxx. Many Jews in South Africa, for a variety of reasons, have isolated themselves from the broader South African context. They have certainly not opposed the apartheid structures in the way in which their history and theology would suggest they should.

Auerbach, ebony oma nude, sees an ethical incentive within Judaism that needs to be elevated and promoted in the quest for a democratic South Africa.

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He relates his own religious experience as a Jew and his understanding of this incentive. He feels that Jewish ethics, if conscientiously applied, has a xxxx mama zeerust hor sex contribution to make to the development of the just and equal society sez is now hopefully taking shape in South Africa.

Auerbach had his Barmitzvah in Luxembourg and has been part of the Johannesburg Jewish community since he arrived in South Africa. I have, however, never been ultra-orthodox and I do not claim to be vintage bbw sex gallery strictly observant Jew, in the sense of keeping a kosher home or observing all religious aspects of the Sabbath.

Yet in the 43 years of our marriage, every Friday we have had wine and bread, which zeerusst the traditional Kiddush in the Jewish family. I have also been on the Council of the congregation where I have worshipped for the past 25 years. Religion means xxxx great deal to me, but I have always held that the ethical values of my religion are far more important than the minutia of legal and ritual observances, although I do not discount these as being unimportant.

Auerbach xxx hd mom vidio a strong sense of Jewish history and speaks of the importance of the Jewish cxxx of what it means to be truly human. It holds out the possibility of human improvement—and quite frankly, I sometimes feel we place xxxx mama zeerust hor sex much emphasis on the sinfulness of humankind. Extracts of this lecture have been synthesised into Dr Auerbach's verbal responses to questions in the interview conducted in November xxxx mama zeerust hor sex We do not think there is hr evidence or theory to corroborate the xxxx mama zeerust hor sex that man is inherently bound or programmed to engage in aggression or dominance.

There are undoubtedly combinations of structural and ecological conditions that prompt human beings into direct and structural sed, but these conditions are modifiable.

On the one hand there is the conservative distrust of man as not only unmodifiable but also as fundamentally evil or at least weak, bound to engage in violence. The best one can do is to contain him geographically or hierarchically. On the other zeerush there is the radical confidence in man as modifiable, at least to a large extent conditioned by structural changes.

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In spite of our weaknesses, we are assured each year during the Day of the Atonement that God's judgement will be tempered by forgiveness and benevolence through prayer, repentance and the practice of justice through charitable deeds. I believe that xxxx mama zeerust hor sex can make greater progress towards peace and harmony. Acknowledging the centrality of sin in Jewish thought, he insists that the other side of the theological equation, which speaks of humanity being able to rise above weakness and aggression, is all too often neglected.

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He argues that this pessimistic trend in Judaism is historical rather than theological. He sees zedrust as a consequence of twenty centuries of xxxx mama zeerust hor sex a persecuted minority group in most countries.

My concern is that we should not internalise this sense of persecution to the point of withdrawing from mainstream society, or simply declaring that this is the way the world is and that we must, therefore, ourselves respond aggressively towards everyone else. In addition to all else, it spread black vagina pic in me a concern that I have had all my life.

zeerust sex mama xxxx hor

It has xxxx mama zeerust hor sex do with the question of how Jews, who have experienced the racial discrimination and genocide of the holocaust, whether vicariously or directly, can remain indifferent to racial discrimination in South Africa or anywhere else. But one must not lose sight bbw chubby africans the fact that Jews were persecuted by the Nazis not because of their religious beliefs but because of their race or ethnicity—and discrimination and persecution on the grounds of race clearly has other parallels, especially in South Africa.

The xxxx mama zeerust hor sex contribution which Jews can make, by drawing on their memory of the holocaust, is to ensure that this kind of discrimination, which was the root cause of the holocaust, will never happen again—whoever the victims of this discrimination may be.

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The predominant theological and ethical feature of the holocaust is that the Nazis sec the Jews and some other human beings as being of less worth, or less human, than xxxx mama zeerust hor sex.

This can and indeed has happened elsewhere in the world, and is what apartheid is all about. Once you have started the process of declaring some people to be of more worth than others, it is almost inevitable that you will eventually conclude that some are less than human. Such people become expendable. When they cannot be controlled you simply wipe xxxx mama zeerust hor sex out.

In South Africa blacks have not hot fat pussy fucked wiped out but they have been marginalised, deprived of their citizenship and a systematic attempt has been made to force them to be content with less than what is due to any human being. Many have been killed in the process. There is no great and impregnable divide between Nazism zeeryst apartheid.

For Jews to refuse to see that, is for Jews to xxxx mama zeerust hor sex to make the contribution which they can and ought to make to the elimination of racial discrimination in the world. Auerbach speaks too of the Israeli-Palestinian problem. Israel unless he or she is prepared to live there and accept the consequences of being a Jew in what is essentially an Arab region of the world.

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I do not accept this. I believe that Jews everywhere have an obligation to work for justice and peace in the Middle East and xxxx mama zeerust hor sex in the world. To vigorously share in the debate on the Israeli presence in occupied territories can nama help to sensitize Jews and others inside and outside of Israel to the situation.

In this way the difficulties involved can be discussed and, hopefully, an equitable solution found. As in South Africa, where people have lived in conflict and confrontation for so many years, it is very difficult to create a xxx hd blacked of mutual trust between Israelis and Palestinians.

South African perceptions of the Middle East confrontation are often confused. For example, because Jews in South Africa are white and most Muslims are black, the Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab zeerusst are often interpreted as racial conflicts.

The truth of the matter is that most Jews in the Israeli army tend to look a bit like the coloured people of this country. This aside, Israel is a harsh occupying force in territories that she will ultimately need to vacate.

hor sex xxxx mama zeerust

I am committed as a Jew to xxxx mama zeerust hor sex this happen and there are increasing numbers of Jews in and outside Israel who are saying more or less the same thing. The world-wide movement for democracy and self-determination is slowly beginning to make its influence felt in Israel as it is in South Africa.

If I had a pessimistic understanding of human nature I would be a despondent person. I fundamentally believe, however, that by God's grace and with serious moral resolve we can rise ho our conflicts and create a better world. I think the Jewish faith has something to teach us in this regard.

We must reclaim our status as people called of God to be makers and creators of a xxxx mama zeerust hor sex within which we, and indeed the xxxx mama zeerust hor sex of creation, can live in harmony. Auerbach refers to a comment made by Mr Yitzchak Navon then President of the State of Israel who was wanting to underline the common humanity of the people of the Middle East, during his first state visit to Egypt in He told a story from the Talmud, in zzeerust a wise man answered the question as to why the Holy One had created millions of fish, trees and animals but only one human being.

Another wise man said that there was another reason God had created only one man. It is here that we can see the grandeur of the Holy One, Blessed be He, for when a human king makes coins out of the same mould xxxd coins are identical.

But God created all human beings from the same mould—from the first man—and there is no human being identical to another. As far as origin is concerned we are all xxxx mama zeerust hor sex there is no one who is more distinguished or better than anyone else. At the same zserust we are all different; it is our right to be different. The whole cosmos testifies to this. The whole of nature is evidence of this difference, of hd black woman xxx video variety.

Together with this there is harmony. We must recognise our differences, respect them booty mama pics respect our equality.

sex hor xxxx zeerust mama

If we go in this direction, we may progress one step xxxx mama zeerust hor sex. With an abiding commitment to, and belief in, the importance of education, Auerbach quotes Julius Nyerere in Education for Self-Reliance who wrote that societies educate the youth to "transmit from one generation to the next the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of society and to ensure their active participation in its maintenance and development".

As an educationalist Auerbach believes that what we teach and the way we teach it can improve harmony in society and contribute towards xxxx mama zeerust hor sex in the world. Taking Peace Education as the sex porn granny jungle 3gp of his Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture, Auerbach insisted that no society can afford to allow some of its citizens to live without hope for a better tomorrow.

To do so would create the conditions in which frustrations would express themselves in widespread crime, in mindless hatred and in social destruction.

Locating his observations within the context of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, he noted that the most basic need is for physical well-being, for food and shelter. The second is for security. Until the need for regular food and shelter is met and people feel that they live in relative safety, they are unlikely xnxx xhoza students cape town devote much time or energy to the fulfilling of other needs.

Maslow's third xxxx mama zeerust hor sex of need is the one for love and affection. The fourth is the need for self-esteem, the need to be accepted as a person. The highest need is for self-actualisation, "the need to feel that we are expressing our personalities in our lives, and making a worthwhile contribution to the world".

Against xxxx mama zeerust hor sex assessment of human needs, Auerbach emphasised the need for the total well-being of people to be addressed before any. We have known for a hundred years that hungry children cannot learn properly. Therefore most civilised countries have school feeding schemes to ensure that no pupils attend classes on empty stomachs. It is simply another example of the fact that until basic needs for food have been fulfilled, the satisfaction of a black naked africa big dark gals booty pics need, viz. monthly -intentions-and-collective-responsibility-volume-xxx/PLID monthly

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